It has been a minute!

Between Covid, life in general, loss of an agent, publishing company sold, revamped, dragging their feet on publication, and may have to re-negotiate, my first two manuscripts hang suspended somewhere in between all of the above. But I have used the time to finish the manuscript for CALL OF THE RED BIRD, a standalone book, but what I consider the third in The Celtic Knowing series. I’ve had so much time to write, I got windy and my word count is too high. I am now in the editing process with valuable feedback from my writing group and hope to query new agents by the end of summer.

The story premise: Sixteen-year-old Rowan O’Clanahan transforms into a Confederate soldier determined to save her brother when he returns to the Civil War.

Historical fiction, regional interest, Civil War, women’s fiction, role-playing, the heroine’s journey, family, courage, the gift of Knowing, self-doubt, love, loss, and loyalty are just a few of the themes explored in Rowan’s journey. I hope to be able to share her experience in a published book sometime in the future.

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